⬆️ Introduction to the NVP Collaboration Vault w/NVP Maria Spillane
Welcome to the NVP Collaboration

The NVP Collaboration is a group made up of like-minded NVPs, driven by a shared mission to provide a platform for helpful resources.

Our goal is to foster a sense of community among NVPs and create an environment where everyone can share their knowledge and experiences. When you become a member of the NVP Collaboration, you gain access to a wealth of resources.

What sets us apart is our commitment to maintaining and updating this site. We continuously invest your membership dues directly into the operation and enhancement of this platform. This ensures that you always get the most up-to-date and valuable resources to support your journey.

By joining the NVP Collaboration, you become part of a vibrant and collaborative network, where you can connect with fellow members, access valuable content, discover emerging trends, and receive valuable tips and insights.

Sign up today and become a member of the NVP Collaboration – a collective force dedicated to your success!

(Arbonne National Vice Presidents only)

(Arbonne Regional Vice Presidents only)

If your upline NVP is already an NVP Collab Vault member, no membership payment is required and you will be added to the RVP & Consultant Vaults for free.

NVP Collaboration Vault

Step by Step access to the Vault instructions
RVP Info. If your direct upline NVP is currently a member of the vault, there is no charge for you to be added to the vault. (If you are an RVP and your NVP is NOT a member of the vault, there is a $25 per month recurring fee)
2. Once you have filled out the vault access request, we will verify your information and send your approval. (You should receive your approval within 24 hours, please also check your spam folder in your email, as sometimes they end up there). You will log into the vault with your email and password.

3. You will have your own individual log in, please don't share your log in information

4. Once you are a member of the NVP or RVP vaults you are welcome to invite your Nation or Region team downline Consultants and Managers. (See the NVP or RVP Guide in the Vault for the Consultant link to send to your Teams).

Please send any questions to support@NVPCollab.com

Current Members Link
Once you are a member of the Vault, you will always go to the Member log in to sign in.
(Once they have registered, each member of the Vault will have their own log-in to their vault (s), so please don’t share your log-in information)

What can I access?

As an NVP you will have access to all 3 Vaults
RVP’s have access to the RVP & Consultant Vaults
Consultants can access the Consultant Vault

NVP Only Vault
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Getting Started for New Consultants
  • NVPCO Vault links
  • Areas in Paradise Information
  • Gifting Ideas
  • NVP Groups
  • NVP Guidance
  • NVP Only Discussion Room
  • Taxes
This information is continually changing as we grow and update

RVP Vault
  • RVP Guide to Vaults
  • Getting Started for New Consultants
  • Bundle Codes
  • Challenge Ideas
  • Leadership Training
  • Motivational Videos
  • Useful Quotes
  • RVP Chat Group/Discussion Room

Consultant Vault
This Month
  • Current IC & PC Newsletter
  • Current Added Value Events
  • ATM
  • DM Sustainability
  • Event Ideas
  • Go for Gold Recorded
  • How to build your earnings
  • How to tell your Arbonne story
  • It's all in the app
  • Skills training
  • Social Media training
Consultant Chat Group/Discussion Room

  • Before & After
  • Canva Templates
  • Discover Arbonne
  • Recorded Added Value

How do I find what I'm looking for in the vault?

1. As soon as you enter one of the vaults, you can type what you are looking for into the search box. Works best if you type one word (see image)

2. Go to the Guide page (the first page of each vault) and see a quick menu of everything that is in the vault.

As a Consultant, you must have a direct upline NVP or RVP that is a current vault member to access the vault. (The Consultant Vault link is posted on the NVP and RVP Guide to Vaults pages).

The Consultant Vault is based on the honor system. We trust you to only share the registration link with members of your team who are eligible to join. Please do not share with anyone outside of your team. We rely on membership dues from our NVP community to continue to update and maintain this site.

Thank you for being a part of the NVP Collab and for upholding our principles of trust and collaboration.