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This website is a collaboration between NVPs across all success lines, and is a replacement for boards. It is a wonderful way to make sure that your teams do not feel they have to pay in order to get the information you provide for them. Instead of everyone on your team paying $10 a month for boards, you would pay 
$50 a month and your entire Nation gets access to the Consultants site for free. It is a work in progress, and more will be added regularly. 
Please note: Your team will  have access to the Consultants site, not the NVP site.

Please send submissions and suggestions to support@nvpcollab.com

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Our aim is to provide you with the additional assets you need to reach your full potential and achieve success in your Arbonne business.

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We are grateful for your support, as your membership fees help us to keep this platform updated and provide valuable resources to all NVPs. Thank you for joining our collaboration, and we look forward to supporting you on your path to success!

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