Phase 1                  Phase 2                       Phase 3
1. Set up Your Business
🔲 Sign up as an Independent Consultant

2. Create Goals, Vision and Pace
  • List 8-10 things you desire/need/want. Who or what would be impacted when you have those things?

🔲 When do you need these 8-10 things by? Personalize your Pace:

  • Walk (1-3 hours/week)
  • Jog (4-9 hours/week)
  • Run (10+ hours/week)

3. Brainstorm WHO You Can Help and How
🔲 What excites you most about being a part of Arbonne?

🔲 List the people you're excited to share with from your Contacts. Start with 10 people and move to inviting. Continue to add names and keep inviting.

4. Personalize Your Initial Activity

🔲 Set your launch dates and methods (in person, on Zoom, on social, etc.)

🔲 Begin reaching out to those in your contacts (sphere of influence)

  • Invite them to your launch
  • If they can’t attend, ask them on a 3-way call so you can practice with them

Mind Your Mind
The #1 reason people fail (quit) in this business is because of mismanaged expectations.
Here are a few "expectation inoculations":

  • You will hear "no" or "no thank you" often, but it usually just means "not right now" or “I don’t know enough.”
  • Like any business, you will have ups and downs.
  • Your success or failure is up to you; Compare yourself only to the person you were yesterday.
  • Any business that grows and lasts, takes time. Your choices in that time define your success.
    • Develop rock-solid belief: the more people you share Arbonne with, the more you will "sharpen your saw."
    • This business works when you do. Treat it like a business, not like a hobby. Stay consistent with your conversations with people.
    • Be coachable, hungry to learn, and connected to your mentors and team.
    • Reach out to your upline often. They will know you are in activity when you are in regular contact and need their assistance. This is a great thing!
    • Read personal growth & practice affirmations daily.
    • Remember why you started this…you CAN achieve it!
Getting Started Phase 2


🔲 Check the URL of your new website to make sure it’s a name that you prefer and that people can remember. (make URL video slower if possible)

🔲 Download the Arbonne App and watch tutorials (click "Learn" on home screen of app). Watch this video for more advanced training.

🔲 Set Up Recommended Carts. We recommend these to start. Explore Sample Uses HERE.

🔲 Business Cards (VistaPrint), QR Code (Canva), etc. - Choose one for quick connections


🔲 Develop your "I" (aka "WHY") story and personal testimonials (loves/experiences) to share at events and on 3-way calls. Here's a sample story.

🔲 Get clear on your goal: Possible Paths HERE and watch this video for additional guidance and tips.
  • Walker: Find your level of consistent activity
  • Jogger: IC Bonus/DM goal
  • Runner: IC Bonus/DM/DM Bonus/AM goal
  • Sprinter: Runner, plus help someone else go to AM goal
Who you can Help & How
🔲 Continue adding names to your contact list. Who comes to mind when you think about people you'd like to work with? Who do you know that enjoys helping others, is positive, has a network, is a leader, brings energy? Take some time to look through your phone and on social media for people who have these qualities and add them to your list. Watch this video for additional guidance and tips.

🔲 Begin your Activity

  • Hold your LAUNCHES using the Is Arbonne for Youas your guide. Scroll to bottom to see tips for different types of events (in person, online, texting, etc.). For additional guidance and tips, read HERE and watch this video.

  • Conduct your 3-WAY CALLS


🔲 Maximize Social Media to build your credibility and generate leads. Watch this video for additional guidance and tips.

🔲 Fill Your Calendar: Discuss the various types of activities used to share Arbonne. Personalize your activity based on the proven successful activities that we have. EXAMPLES. Decide which activities you'd like to implement immediately. Engage with people from your contact list and those at your launches and on 3rd party calls to fill your calendar with the types of activities you have chosen.

Mind Your Mind
  • Beginning new things often comes with a rush of adrenaline and a steep learning curve. Just like starting a new job or adding to your family, it comes with a list of new activities and systems to learn. You may start to feel overwhelmed or that you have spent "too much time" on your business and away from other things. If you start to feel this, it's important to know that the learning slows down and that it's time to take a moment to decide how you can work your business in manageable pockets of time to find a sustainable routine where your business fits into your life.
  • Keep returning to your WHY and passion—the compelling reasons that made you say "yes" in the first place. Your original motivations are the fuel that will keep you resilient and focused. Your WHY may change as your business evolves, but one thing remains constant: When your WHY is big enough, the HOW presents itself. By staying connected to your core reasons, you'll navigate challenges with a clear vision and sustain the enthusiasm that inspires you and your team.
  • The most powerful impact occurs when you lead with a story, preferably your own.
  • Prejudging often starts occurring at this phase. We tend to say “no” for people who often surprise us with their interests and ambitions. Pre-judging denies them the chance to explore an opportunity that could change their lives. Our job is to share the story. It's their job to decide if it's a fit for them.
  • Moving beyond our "warm market" is an essential skill for our business' success and longevity. When choosing activities to share the Arbonne story, consider choosing at least one that will help you grow your contact list.
  • When you're sharing the Arbonne Story, keep these as your main focuses: Listen and serve people where they are. Focus on the activity, not the outcome. Look for new business partners. Book one activity from each one you hold. Continue meeting new people.