Getting Started Strategy Session

New consultants can get access to the vault HERE.  Once their information is entered, they will receive instructions for downloading AttractWell and getting into the Freedom & Fulfillment Vault.

1. Set up Your Business

🔲 Sign up as an Independent Consultant

2. Create Goals, Vision and Pace

🔲 Why are you building this business?
  • Print out the MY REASONS WHY page and write ten things you want that your Arbonne business can help you achieve.
  • Post this list where you will see it every day.
  • Who or what would be impacted when you have those things?
🔲 Decide on your Pace: The faster you want to achieve these goals, the faster you will set your pace.
  • Walk - Complete your Get Started and launch to 30 people within 6 weeks
  • Jog - Complete your Get Started launch to 30 people within 4 weeks
  • Run - Complete your Get Started and launch to 30 people in 2 weeks
3. Brainstorm WHO You Can Help and How

🔲 Print the CONTACTS (Sphere of Influence) page.
  • Fill in all the places you know people from
  • Add five names to each, then move to the next step
    (After your launch, move your list to a designated notebook, a spreadsheet,  or the notes on your phone and continue to add names weekly as you meet new people.)
🔲 What excites you most about being a part of Arbonne? Often, what we are the most excited about is what we sell the most of.
  • Look through your list and think about who on the list could be helped by an Arbonne product you love or by this business.  Make notes and share them with your upline coach.

4. Personalize Your Initial Activity

🔲 Set your launch dates and methods
  • In-person, on Zoom, on Social, or a combination of these. 
  • Book 2 or more launch dates to give people options.  
🔲 Begin reaching out to those in your contacts
  • Invite them to your launch by expressing excitement and asking which date is best for them.
  • Whenever appropriate, include what you think they would be excited about.  If you aren't sure, keep it simple.
  • Examples:
    • "Hey! I have BIG news 🤗 I am starting my own business, and I am so excited!  I am getting some people together at my house (or on zoom) to celebrate and share about what I am doing.  Would _________ or _________ work better for you?"
    • "Hey Nancy!  I know fitness is important to you, and I want to invite you to something I think you'd find a lot of value in.  I am partnering with a Vegan, Gluten Free Health & Wellness company and I think you'd be obsessed!  I would love you to hop on Zoom and check it out.  Would _______ or ________ work better for you?"
    • "Hey Sue, I have been thinking about what you said about never having enough money.  Well, I have been feeling like that, too, and found something that could help both of us.  If I send you the link, would you hop on a short Zoom (or come by my house) to check it out?" if yes, "Great, does ____ or ______ work better for you?"
  • If they can’t attend, ask them if they would meet you for coffee or hop on Zoom so you can practice a short Arbonne overview with them.  Be sure to include your upline coach in these meetings so they can help you answer questions and provide more information.
  • Share why you started an Arbonne business and the Arbonne products and story with at least 30 people to start with.  
  • Keep inviting until at least 40 people have said yes to either coming to a launch or helping you practice.  This allows for cancellations and sets you up for success.

Mind Your Mind
No worthy goal is without its challenges.  Decide that you will overcome the hurdles along the way with resilience.  Here are a few bumps you can expect to see along the way and some solutions you can use to make yourself stronger.

  • You will hear "no" or "no thank you" often. It is totally normal and to be expected.
    • Take "No" as a sign that you are in "activity" and doing what you are supposed to be doing.  
    • "No" sometimes means "No", but it can also mean "not right now," “I don’t know enough,” or "I'm having a bad day," so use your instincts and don't take it personally.  Be kind, be patient, and be willing to revisit at a later date.
    • A "no" doesn't change your business, so the "yes" is where you want to focus.
  • Like any business, you will have ups and downs.  This is also normal, and to be expected. 
    • Celebrate your achievements, but don't rest on them.  Keep going!
    • Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. Keep going!
    • Don't let small setbacks touch you emotionally or mess with your vision for what you are creating for yourself.  Keep going!
    • Remind yourself that "mistakes" are just learning steps towards success and leadership.  Keep going!
  • Your success or failure is up to you; don't let someone else's choices or words impact whether or not you achieve your goals.
    • Other people's opinions are not going to pay your bills.
    • Someone who has never succeeded in this type of business is not the right person to take advice from.
    • The only thing that controls your success is your activity, commitment, and attitude.
    • Activity cures everything: Doing the activity makes you feel good.  Feeling good improves your attitude.  A positive outlook makes you more productive.  It is a cycle that feeds itself.
  • Comparison kills.
    • Compare yourself only to the person you were yesterday.  
    • Don't compare yourself to someone else's highlight reel.
    • Every "overnight success" has done countless hours of practice, development, and activity when no one was watching. 
  • Any business that grows and lasts takes time. Your choices, actions, and attitude during that time define your success.
    • Develop rock-solid belief by listening to a Discover Arbonne every Day in the Facebook Live Discover Arbonne Group and reading testimonials daily in the Healthy Living Simplified Group.
    • The more people you share Arbonne with, the more your confidence will grow.
    • Be coachable, hungry to learn, and connected to your mentors and team.
    • Reach out to your upline often. They will know you are in activity when you are in regular contact and need their assistance. 
    • Remember why you started this…you CAN achieve it!
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