Featured IC - Ashley Rhodes

Ashleys Story

Hello! My name is Ashley Rhodes and I am an independent consultant/District Manager with Arbonne since 2020. I am a third grade teacher and have 2 kids. My son, Luke is 10 and my daughter, Alivia is 7. 
Many years ago I was invited to an Arbonne party and bought only an eye cream. I continued to buy the eye cream only for a year or so. Cathy would check in and reach out and I finally agreed to try samples of protein and I fell in love! Every other brand of protein I had tried, made me so sick after drinking it. I continued to buy products off her and became a PC. I loved everything I tried! I had a Facebook party for her, which turned out to be the best Facebook party she ever had with many orders. So, she asked me several times if I wanted to become a consultant and I told her no for several months. I even said EW no at one point. The last thing I ever thought I would do was a business like this! But, I continued buying the products and loved everything I got so I finally told her YES. I thought at least I will get a discount on the products that I love. 

I love that Arbonne is a health and wellness company with all plant based, clean ingredients. We have the BEST protein shakes ever and the skincare has literally changed my skin. I never in my life got compliments on my skin until Arbonne! The only body wash and lotion I will put on my children is Arbonne! So thankful for these products! 

The biggest two reasons for doing this business, is my love for the products and making some extra money. My kids are involved in many expensive activities….baseball, football, basketball, dance, and more. They are both extremely busy. What I love about this business is you can do it many ways. I do my business mostly from my phone, when I have time, sometimes late at night. I have met some wonderful people through this business. It is so fun and something different from teaching and being a mom. I love getting positive feedback from my clients! Nothing makes me happier than when someone who bought a product off me tells me they love it! I am thankful for Arbonne for changing my life in many ways!!! 

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