Affiliate Marketing - July 25
Hop on this call to learn how you can use 🌱 share 🫢🏽 and earn πŸ’΅ with the best seller greens gut glow drink. We will show you have to use affiliate marketing to earn as much of as little as you wish. Led by Shea Hirchag and team!
Sample Invite - Have you ever thought about making some extra $ by sharing our incredible green gut glow shot? Being a brand affiliate could be simpler than you think! We will show you how to use 🌱 share 🫢🏽 and earn πŸ’΅ with simple social marketing. If I send you the link would you be open to checking it out? 

5:30pm PST | 6:30pm MST | 7:30pm CST | 8:30pm EST
Zoom: 977 856 2866
Password: ARBONNE