GutHealth + Probiotics - July 24
Join gut gurus Shayne Devlin and Renee Welk as they share what your gut would tell you if it could talk.  This will be a chat about leaky gut, food we eat, probiotics, gut linings and more!

Sample Invite 1 - Hey Suzie!  I am thinking of you because you _________ (shared with me about your GI issues, are always looking for ways to add health, we’re talking about leaky gut the other day, are a wellness convo junkie, etc.)!  A couple of friends of mine are gut gurus and are doing a 30 minute class for us about gut health - leaky gut, probiotics, etc.  I think you’d love the info.  Can you make it on live, by chance?

5:30 P PST | 6:30P MST | 7:30P CST | 8:30P EST
Zoom: 977 856 2866
Password: ARBONNE